World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 63

each morning and among the last to sleep; they Border Crossings and Passports may miss some World Youth Day central Traveling internationally involves additional events and moments (if, for instance, they may challenges for World Youth Day pilgrims. As be asked to take a pilgrim to the hospital or noted before, U.S. citizens will need a valid assist with the set-up for future activities). passport to travel to Poland. The U.S. State There are several tasks that you, as the principle Department recommends that passports have leader, can delegate to co-leaders and staff so at least six months of validity left for that you can keep your mind on the big picture, international travel (they should be valid such as attendance counts, tip distribution, through February 1, 2017, or later). Non-U.S. rooming lists, and other administrative tasks. citizens with proper documentation should check with their consulate to determine if a visa Lodging and Accommodations will be required. Unfortunately, undocumented World Youth Day has a wide range of lodging immigrants living in America will be denied options from school floors and parish halls to reentry into the U.S. so they should avoid hostels and hotels. As part of your World international travel and WYD. Youth Day registration package, the organizers provide simple housing options. Passports may not be needed after entering Europe; however it is a good idea for each In this, pilgrims will need to bring their pilgrim to carry a photocopy of their passport own sleeping bag (and sleeping pad); a simple and for their group leaders to have copies as breakfast is also included. Shower facilities well. If your group is staying at a hotel, you may may be limited in these conditions. As an want to collect your pilgrims’ passports and inexpensive option, though, the basic pilgrim lock them up in their hotel safe for safekeeping. accommodation route matches the pilgrimage Another safety tip is to leave one or more spirit of keeping things simple. Its downside is copies of the pilgrims’ passports with family that leaders do not have much say in where members or with parish/diocesan leaders who they are assigned and, depending on the remain stateside in the United States. distance from the central events, pilgrims may not be able to return to their housing sites Alcohol in Poland midday. Another option is a hotel that could The drinking age in Poland is 18 years of age. be more expensive but may also offer A pilgrimage is not the proper place for minors additional amenities and services. to begin experimenting with alcohol, so group 61