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engage in these interactions, as it is done In general, preparing for the World Youth Day informally throughout the week, en route to trip can be a challenge – and as you can see, events, on the pilgrimage walk, or while waiting there are many things that pilgrims and leaders for programs to begin. Remember that trading should be aware of before traveling abroad. is optional, so pilgrims should not worry if they Nonetheless, if pilgrims are properly prepared do not have anything to trade. in these areas, they should have a good and safe trip – and be able to focus on the incredible If they would like to trade things that represent spiritual and missionary experiences that the the Roman Catholic experience in the United World Youth Day pilgrimage has to offer them. States, the WYDUSA office ( provides some items for purchase in advance of BASIC STRATEGIES FOR LEADERS World Youth Day. These include WYDUSA clothing, backpacks, blankets, water bottles, With all the factors involved, leading a prayer cards, and posters. In addition, the World Youth Day pilgrimage group is a great USCCB Store has other items specific to the experience but it can be a bit intimidating when Catholic experience in the United States. you realize the awesome responsibility on your International pilgrims may enjoy receiving these shoulders. The role of a good pilgrimage leader unique Catholic items from the USA. is to assist his or her pilgrims in their total pilgrimage experience and their continued Three Opportunities to Never Pass Up formation as a disciple of Christ. Above all, there are three practical things that leaders and their pilgrim groups should never Besides putting the pilgrimage together, the pass up on a World Youth Day pilgrimage: group leader is constantly concerned about the present and the ever-changing details of the 1. Opportunities to refill the water bottle, future. You are a spiritual companion, tour 2. Opportunities to eat a meal, and guide, meeting planner, and risk manager all 3. Opportunities to use the toilet (even when rolled up into one. This leader’s manual pilgrims don’t think they need to go). includes both the spiritual and practical elements that go into pilgrimage leadership. One cannot be sure when the next opportunity Balancing them is challenge, but one that Lord will come for any of these, so groups should has trusted you to handle and overcome. What take advantage of them when they arise. follows are some basic logistical tips for World 58