World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 6

Introduction to the Guide Congratulations! You have decided to lead a This Leader’s Guide seeks to share pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Kraków, perspectives, information, and resources that Poland. In so doing, you have embarked on are helpful to internationally-bound World an adventure of planning, organizing, Youth Day pilgrimage leaders. budgeting, visioning, negotiating, packing, and general busy-ness. You have also embarked First, this guide explores the role you play as an on a process of helping young Catholics international pilgrim leader, particularly encounter Christ and walk in solidarity with encouraging you to go beyond organizer to fellow disciples around the world. The goal witness. The second section outlines seven of this International Pilgrim Leaders Guide is principles to guide international leaders as they work to assist in making the first part less daunting with young people – offering suggestions on and the second part more powerful. ways to make this event a true pilgrimage of faith. This section examines how World In August 1993, when Pope St. John Paul II Youth Day stands apart from other ministry came to Denver, Colorado, for World Youth initiatives for young disciples by its emphasis Day (WYD), it was a transformational on solidarity and encounter with the Holy experience for youth and young adult ministry Father and the Universal Church, as well as across the United States. The World Youth the connection to generations of pilgrim Day pilgrimage, by nature and purpose, is saints and spiritual guides that inspire youth transformative, so it is no surprise that those and young adults to a life of holiness, pilgrims were indeed changed. However, what equipped with the lessons and experiences of was unexpected was the change that occurred World Youth Day. The third section this in the perspectives of ministry leaders (from Leader’s Guide offers some practical tools on dioceses, parishes, movements, and schools) the size and scope of the World Youth Day who coordinated their community’s event, and how – as leaders – an important participation in the pilgrimage. Leaders who part of one’s role is to take care of the guide pilgrimages to WYD, whether it is their logistics to enable the pilgrims to fully and first, second, or tenth trip, continue to witness spiritually participate in the experience. to the transformative power of World Youth Day for their ministry and own hearts. 4