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vendors or small shops only take Polish cash. stay at hotels may have a breakfast option as Also, most banks charge a foreign transaction part of their hotel package. fee for each transaction, so pilgrims should be sure to check with their bank before making the For lunch and dinner, the vouchers can be used trip. Pilgrims will want to inform their bank of at local restaurants or food tents nearby World their intended credit card use overseas before Youth Day activities such as catechetical they depart so that the bank does not think the sessions, central events, and cultural festival card has been stolen. Pilgrims should not locations. Some meals will be available for a bother with travelers’ checks as the widespread single ticket while others will require two. Be acceptance of credit cards and debit cards as aware that different countries have various well as the availability ATMs have made them customs related to which meal is largest (in somewhat obsolete. On the return to the Poland, for instance, the biggest meal of the day United States, pilgrims should note that banks is lunch, while in the United States, the largest and currency exchanges may charge another fee meal is usually dinner). The flexible voucher to convert Polish złoty back into U.S. currency. system allows for this flexibility. Further instructions on how to use the voucher system Food and Meals in Kraków will be included with the pilgrim Americans should have no trouble with packet upon arrival or on the WYD website. traditional Polish food items that often revolve around meat, potatoes, and bread. Of course, Emergencies and Protection many American restaurant chains are also If you or any members of your group are in an available in Europe if pilgrims need something emergency situation in Poland, you can dial 112 more familiar. During World Youth Day, (this is the equivalent to our 911). Many Poles registered participants who choose the meal speak English and will assist you. There are also option will receive food vouchers as part of many World Youth Day volunteers (who speak their pilgrim registration. If leaders have a travel multiple languages) around Kraków (and the company putting the pilgrimage together, be surrounding areas) who can provide assistance sure to review which meals are provided and or point you in the right direction for more which meals will be on you own. If your group information. In addition, you can get non- is using simple housing, there will be breakfast emergency assistance from the United States available (with basic breakfast items) near your Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and housing or catechetical sites. Some groups who the U.S. Consulate, both of which will have 54