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If your group has any mobility-impaired Money and Currency Exchange pilgrims, but sure to take appropriate While most European countries have precautions and note their situation when standardized their currency on the Euro (€), registering, checking in, or arriving at World Poland has not made that conversion and uses Youth Day events with the on-site volunteers. the Polish złoty (zł or PLN). Just like 100 cents makes a U.S. dollar, 100 groszy equals 1 złoty. Medical Issues The exchange rate between the U.S. dollar ($) According to the Center for Disease Control and the Polish złoty (zł) can be very beneficial ( for travelers from the United States. Once one veler/none/pola nd), pilgrims do not need any knows the current exchange rates (as they special vaccines other than routine vaccines for fluctuate regularly), it is helpful (when looking travel to Poland. Pilgrims should check with at prices) to find a system to calculate what that their doctors to ensure they are healthy to travel would be in U.S. currency. For instance, if the and with their health insurance to see what exchange rate is $1.00 = 3 zł, then travelers can coverage, if any, they receive when traveling easily divide the amount they see by one-third abroad. World Youth Day may provide some to have a better sense of price. limited health insurance as part of the pilgrim package (though this is not guaranteed or Encourage pilgrims to obtain some złoty prior known at this time). Travelers will want to to their departure to Poland – which they can review that and their personal insurance, and get from their bank, currency exchange, or consider if they (or their family) will need any from an ATM or currency exchange kiosk as supplemental health insurance. soon as pilgrims arrive at the airport or train station in Poland. Since złoty is not as common In addition, pilgrims should have a copy of a currency as the Euro, it may take extra time to their current prescriptions with them in case the receive this money in the United States. Allow traveler’s medication gets lost or needs to be extra time for this type of transaction. refilled unexpectedly. Having a copy of these prescriptions can also be helpful in case medical Currency exchanges are convenient, but attention is needed overseas – and the medical pilgrims may get a better deal at an ATM or professionals need to know what medications major bank. Credit cards are handy in Europe, are regularly taken by the patient. but not all are accepted and many street 53