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normally carry during WYD week, pilgrims will Getting Around need to carry: a sleeping bag or blanket (or a Transportation is a significant issue at World lightweight sleeping bag liner), a ground cloth (a Youth Day since the event puts a major strain shower curtain from a dollar store works great), on the transportation infrastructure. Expect a sleeping pad (a cheap pool mattress can do possible delays and breakdowns in the system. the job), flashlight (or portable light), change of It is anticipated that they World Youth Day clothes, toothbrush and toothpaste, and credentials will serve as a public transportation prescription drugs. This is where having some pass that will allow pilgrims unlimited travel on attachment points on your backpack can be the buses, trams and trains in and near Kraków. valuable. Climbing carabineers are especially If your group has not experienced public handy for attaching things to the backpack. transportation before, consider traveling with your pilgrims to a major metropolitan city in Language the United States to practice the art of riding Thankfully, most Poles speak some English public transit. Every pilgrim should be able to (though do not rely on this completely). In a read the public transportation route map of country like Poland, you won’t need to speak Kraków, know how to plan a trip on a public fluent Polish to get by. However, knowing a system, and know how transfer to another line. few phrases in Polish such as “Yes” (Tak), Please note that the numbers of the tramlines in “No” (Nie), “Where is the bathroom?” (Gdzie Kraków change from time to time, so a map jest toaleta?), and “Thank You” (dziękuję) will with the route numbers may be different from go a long way to respecting the local culture. what pilgrims actually encounter when they Pilgrims may consider packing a small phrase arrive in Poland. Group leaders should check book of Polish and English words. on these public transportation details immediately upon arriving in Poland. In addition, it is good for pilgrims to know some basic phrases in the central World Youth Expect to walk over five to ten miles each day Day languages (Spanish, French, English, as part of the World Youth Day experience, German, and Italian) spoken by the majority of depending on the location of your group’s pilgrims at this event. In advance of the trip accommodations and catechetical sessions in overseas, leaders can work with groups to learn relation to the central events and center city. the basic phrases and words in Polish and the Walking is a key component to WYD and as official World Youth Day languages. such, will be a frequent occurrence there. 52