World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 48

to as the “Cultural Youth Festival” and are free Papal Welcome Ceremony to all registered WYD pilgrims. On Thursday afternoon (July 28), World Youth Day pilgrims will joyfully welcome Pope Leaders will want to take time to look over the Francis to Kraków at the Papal Welcome Cultural Youth Festival schedule, in advance if Ceremony. Included in this event will be a possible, and plan on visiting some events prayer service with the Holy Father and his first throughout the week. This is also a great way remarks to the young pilgrims gathered there. for pilgrims to take in more of the local Polish Since this will be held in Błonia Park, the same culture, to go deeper in their formation or venue in which the Opening Mass on Tuesday spiritual growth, and to meet other pilgrims (July 26) was held, leaders will have an idea of from around the globe at less crowded venues. what to expect, how to arrive there, and where More information on the specific activities to sit or stand. It is anticipated that the pope during the Cultural Youth Festival will be will speak in languages other than English, so available in the official World Youth Day be sure to remind pilgrims to bring their radio guidebook upon arrival in Kraków. and headphones so that they can listen to the simultaneous translation. Afternoons are also a great time for groups to take a much-needed break, allowing pilgrims a This event will be very crowded, as it is the first chance to rest and refocus their energies with encounter between the Holy Father and the some unstructured time. For example, some young people, and many people are looking leaders find a quiet park for their pilgrims to forward to seeing him for the first time. If your pray, rest, or converse among themselves. You group is able to arrive early in Błonia Park, you may also seek out a local restaurant or sidewalk may have an opportunity to find a space near a café to taste some of the local food and drink. fence or roadway where the popemobile will be passing en route to the stage. If you should These afternoons can also be used for small have this chance, it is important to know that, group discussions or theological reflection, if immediately prior to the pope’s arrival, it will that is what is best for the group members at get even more crowded and people may be that time. Other group members may want to pushing and shoving their way to get into your take in the Cultural Festival or use the time to area. Encourage pilgrims to be calm and meet international pilgrims. Do what you feel gracious, yet also protective of their belongings the group needs to do to recharge its batteries. as well as those in their immediate group. 46