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Catechetical sites will be assigned to each Pilgrim Packets group that registers for World Youth Day, As part of the World Youth Day registration, based on housing location and language pilgrims should receive WYD credentials, meal preference. Bishops from around the world tickets (or voucher book), a guidebook provide catechesis for the pilgrims, reflecting featuring times and events, a worship aid for on the themes of World Youth Day liturgical celebrations, and a backpack (among and concluding with a midday Mass. On other items which will be determined by local Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday of the 2016 organizers). The credentials may also serve as program, individual groups will be assigned a the pilgrim’s ticket for Kraków transportation specific time and starting point to make a (trams and buses) throughout the week. Pilgrim pilgrim journey to the Divine Mercy Sanctuary packets will be available at accommodation sites and the St. John Paul II Sanctuary in the (or another designated location for those who Łagiewniki area of Kraków. On the assigned do not choose simple accommodations). These day of that pilgrimage, it is anticipated that the items are essential to the experience, and groups traveling to Łagiewniki will not attend pilgrim credentials must be worn at all times for the catechetical session for that particular day, admission to World Youth Day events. even if their assigned time takes place in the afternoon or evening hours. More information Opening Mass about this nuance to the schedule will be shared The first official event of World Youth Day with group leaders closer to the event. 2016 is the Opening Mass on Tuesday evening (July 26) with Cardinal Stanislaus Dziwisz, The Cultural Youth Festival mentioned on the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kraków. Note that schedule is actually a series of events taking the Holy Father will not be present for this place across the Kraków region including event. This liturgy sets the tone for the week concerts, presentations, exhibits, performances, and is the first real taste of WYD for many lectures, prayer and devotional opportunities, pilgrims. Expect most of the Mass to be in charitable activities, networking, and other Polish (although a simultaneous English programs. A printed or online directory of the translation should be available via a local radio various Cultural Youth Festival options will be station; be sure to encourage pilgrims to bring made available to pilgrim groups immediately along a small radio to follow along and stay prior to or during the World Youth Day week. engaged). The Mass will be held in the open fields of Błonia Park. There will not be any 44