World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 45

WORLD YOUTH DAY SCHEDULE It is anticipated that the events of World Youth Day 2016 will follow this outline (though subject to change), similar to the general schedule of international World Youth Day gatherings in the past. The most updated information will be found at www.krakó Tuesday July 26, 2016 Wednesday July 27, 2016 Thursday July 28, 2016 Friday July 29, 2016 Saturday July 30, 2016 Sunday July 31, 2016 Morning through Afternoon Morning Morning Morning Catechesis with Bishops Catechesis with Bishops Catechesis with Bishops Morning through Afternoon Pilgrim Arrivals Catechetical Venues/Sites around Kraków Catechetical Venues/Sites around Kraków Catechetical Venues/Sites around Kraków Morning WYD Final Mass and Closing Ceremony with Pope Francis Afternoon through Evening Afternoon Afternoon Cultural Festival around Kraków Cultural Festival around Kraków Evening Evening Evening Opening Mass Cardinal Dziwisz Arch. of Kraków Papal Welcome Ceremony with Pope Francis Via Crucis Prayer with Pope Francis Candlelight Prayer Vigil with Pope Francis Błonia Park Brzegi/Wieliczka Błonia Park Błonia Park Arrivals to Kraków area; checking in at housing sites around Kraków Evening Cultural Festival around Kraków Walking Pilgrimages to Evening Vigil from Łagiewniki area to Brzegi (near Wieliczka) Brzegi/Wieliczka Afternoon through Evening Return Walking Pilgrimages from Final Mass from Brzegi to housing/home; departures from Kraków The official beginning of the World Youth Day around Poland – to give international pilgrims program is the Opening Mass on Tuesday an opportunity to arrive early and engage in evening (July 26) with the bishop of the hosting missionary work in service to the people of the diocese (in this case, the Archdiocese of host country. The Days in the Diocese, while Kraków); however, there may be additional connected to WYD events, are a separate entity activities that take place prior to the opening with registration handled by the individual ceremonies. In addition, in the week prior to Polish dioceses. More details can be found at these programs, Days in the Dioceses are held www.krakó 43