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World Youth Day Resource Logistics: Practical Tips for Pilgrimage Leaders World Youth Day is an event that requires updated with travel websites, as well as the a great deal of logistical planning and Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the coordination, especially on the part of United States located in Washington, D.C. international pilgrim leaders. Even though a trip (, the like this will undoubtedly have unexpected Polish National Tourist Office of North surprises, it is essential to do plenty of research America (, and the and planning throughout the entire pilgrimage official site of the Kraków Convention Bureau experience (from the initial decision to go, to (www.krakó Regularly checking well after the overseas events have ended), so on the latest news and updates on these sites that a group has both primary and backup will familiarize yourself with the culture and any plans. Additionally, because information is so developments in the country in advance of your readily accessible in the digital age, pilgrim trip. The information found there could also be leaders should be at least one or two steps helpful in assisting the internationally-bound ahead of their pilgrims regarding details and pilgrims with their own understanding of the updates on World Youth Day. Regularly culture into which they are going. checking the official World Youth Day website in the leader’s preferred language If time and finances allow, pilgrim leaders (www.Krakó and the United should consider taking a familiarization tour States’ official World Youth Day site of Kraków in advance of the World Youth Day (, along with the social media events, either with a travel company or on their accounts of those organizations, will be helpful own. Gaining firsthand knowledge of the to stay informed in a timely manner. In landscape, accommodations, transportation, addition, it is crucial for pilgrim leaders to be food options, and people can potentially familiar with Poland and Polish culture for eliminate surprises and misconceptions during World Youth Day in Kraków, and to some the trip with the group. If this is not possible, extent, the basics of the Polish language. Go to consider arriving in Kraków a few days prior to the library or bookstore to find the most up-to- the official start of World Youth Day to orient date travel books, as well as any resources on yourself to the city and scout the venues of the the faith and history of the Polish people. Keep central events, housing, and catechesis. 42