World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 43

pace of this accompaniment must be steady communities, and how those areas of concern and reassuring, reflecting our closeness and can be addressed or responded to, especially our compassionate gaze which also heals, with the energy of young people. Knowing the liberates and encourages growth in the “mission field” before receiving a commission Christian life. (169) at World Youth Day gives the pilgrims a frame of reference – so that they can be better Only through such respectful and prepared when they return home and get into compassionate listening can we enter on the the difficult work of tending the wounds of paths of true growth and awaken a yearning people, culture, and situations in their local for the Christian ideal: the desire to respond environment. fully to God’s love and to bring to fruition what he has sown in our lives. (171) When pilgrims have an informed eye set on the future, World Youth Day can be even more Unpacking the Holy Father’s apostolic enriching. When pilgrims see that their ultimate exhortation on evangelization is a great first goal is being a missionary disciple in their step in teaching young people how to community, World Youth Day can be the place evangelize and share the Gospel with others. As where they are recharged, refueled, and he notes, it will require them to listen more renewed for that mission work on behalf of than speak – and to act with reassurance, those in need. When pilgrims see that true compassion, healing, and encouragement. In destination is the Kingdom of God, then World the same light, it will be helpful for young Youth Day becomes an exciting encounter that pilgrims – before going to World Youth Day – helps them hear God’s voice through the to better understand the community from wisdom of the Holy Father and the bishops of which they are being sent (and to which they the world, the company of fellow pilgrims of will return). Taking a serious look at the faith, and the guidance and mentorship of their struggles that their peers and others in their pilgrimage leader. The end of World Youth area face every day will help them understand Day, then, is only the beginning of something how they can bring that sense of healing and truly incredible when undertaken as an love to those in pain. It is also beneficial for authentic pilgrimage of faith. Helping pilgrims pilgrims to see where the needs may be in their grasp this knowledge and appreciate it can lead parish or diocese, in their school or workplace, to a lifetime of benefits spurred on by a great in their families, and in the civic life of their catalyst experience. 41