World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 42

beyond that moment towards what was to take Challenge pilgrims to see their journey to and place in the coming months and years. In much from Kraków in the same way. Encourage the same way, the transformative experience of them to reflect on what their “exodus” might World Youth Day should point outward, not be, where their “Jerusalem” could be, and what inward. Even when Simon Peter wants to mission God could be calling them to embark remain on the mountain longer, saying “Master, upon when they come down from the it is good that we are here; let us make three “mountaintop” of Kraków. The missionary task tents…,” St. Luke reminds us “he did not know does not happen alone. Help pilgrims take what he was saying” (9:33). Similarly, it may be some comfort in the fact that they do not need tempting for pilgrims and their leaders to make to walk alone after World Youth Day and that the mountaintop experience the end goal of the the mission they will be given may take a whole journey, but the Lord calls us to look further lifetime to complete. on. After they descend from the mountain, Jesus and the three disciples turn their attention Before pilgrims embark on the trip, coordinate towards Jerusalem (9:51). Jesus makes plans to some ways that they can offer service and work send his followers ahead of him to prepare the for justice in their local communities, in order way (9:52), empowering seventy-two of them to to prepare them for lives of mercy and go “two by two” on a mission to every town compassion. Help them to commit to praying and village the Lord was intending to visit regularly, to listening more than speaking, and (10:1-12). “Go on your way,” Jesus to grounding their decisions and discernment in commissions them, adding a cautionary note: God and through the community and teachings “Behold, I am sending you like lambs among of the Church. Give them tools to help them to wolves” (10:3). For Jesus and the disciples, the witness to their faith with others without being glorious moment of the Transfiguration impels preachy or combative. On this last point, toward the mission into the world, the mission connect them with the advice on accompanying of the Cross, of self-giving love poured out for their peers (especially those who may not have the glory of the Father and the salvation of the received the grace of faith) given by Pope world. For World Youth Day pilgrims, the Francis in Evangelii Gaudium: intense experience of the international gathering directs them to mission, to wherever …this “art of accompaniment” which God calls them to next. WYD is not the end. teaches us to remove our sandals before the World Youth Day is a catalyst to greatness. sacred ground of another (cf. Ex. 3:5). The 40