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(including the Kazimierz district, where Jews as spiritual guides accompanying them in the had lived for centuries; the Podgórze area, building up of their skills as merciful and which was made into a Jewish ghetto during compassionate missionary disciples. As a leader WWII; and the remains of the concentration yourself, you are also in partnership with the camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau). Such bishops as you continue to unpack the lessons conversations may be difficult for some, but it of World Youth Day for the pilgrims in your is an opportunity to discuss atrocities against group throughout and following the human dignity and life, challenges of religious international pilgrimage events. Be aware of this intolerance and persecution, and the need for dynamic and help pilgrims find spiritual interreligious dialogue and religious freedom to directors and mentors that can journey with advance true solidarity and peace. If visiting them and help them to regularly reflect on the these locations is part of the itinerary, it is reality of divine mercy in their daily lives. essential for leaders to spiritually prepare pilgrims for what they will experience there and Another powerful catechetical moment of to offer appropriate opportunities for World Youth Day is the Friday evening Via processing afterwards. Crucis (“Way of the Cross”) prayer experience led by the Holy Father. During each World Strong spiritual preparation should also include Youth Day gathering, the Stations of the Cross equipping pilgrims for receiving and engaging are brought to life through the lens of the host with the daily catechesis with an open mind and country. For instance, in 2011 in Madrid, heart. It is important to stress to pilgrims that carved scenes used in processions for Spanish the catechetical sessions are not lectures, but feast days served as the images on the Way of opportunities to hear wisdom from great the Cross, while in 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, a teachers of the Catholic faith from around the country known for the colorful parades along world – and a chance to engage with them Copacabana Beach, each station featured actors during the dialogue portion of the session. reenacting the scene in a dramatic and visual art Encourage them to consider positive, tableaux. Through these unique approaches, enlightening questions that will benefit their young people are able to share their stories in a peers in a deeper understanding of the theme or way that connects F