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2. World Youth Day is an encounter backgrounds and cultures, but are united by a common faith. The international component with the Universal Church of World Youth Day allows young people to World Youth Day is a pilgrimage that calls experience, in a very intense way, a unique every single pilgrim (no matter from where they glimpse of this universality. At World Youth come) to “go into the deep” and to immerse Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, for example, themselves in a truly remarkable way in pilgrims registered from 175 out of the 195 Catholic faith and life (that is, the Church). In a countries of the world at the time. Catechesis sense, the summit of the World Youth Day was offered in 25 different languages. There mountaintop experience is not the host city or was an estimated 3.7 million people at the country; nor is it the events and activities that closing Mass.29 At World Youth Day, the will take place during the week, though these American participants may not understand all are all important aspects of the journey. The of the words that other young pilgrims speak, mountaintop of World Youth Day is the Church but the common language of Catholic who is ever young, gathered universally with the devotions, service, and the Mass can unite their Holy Father—the Church who is the Body and mutual heritage of faith. Bride of Christ. The summit of the mountain is a faith community bigger than the local realities Encourage your pilgrims to meet those of any single pilgrim, encompassing both beyond their home diocese and beyond their Heaven and earth. As leaders know, the own country – and to listen, smile, serve, and Catholic Church is quite large when seen from humbly share their experiences and love of the a global perspective. Over 1.3 billion people faith with those from different countries and around the globe28 comprise the membership of cultures. Help them to understanding the the Body of Christ on earth. It may not be meaning of encounter – to not only meet something many young people yet grasp, someone new, but to learn from them and especially if their Catholic experience is limited walk alongside them. In addition to this to their local parish, campus, or diocese. Yet international dimension, one of the most throughout the world, fellow Catholics speak celebrated aspects of World Youth Day is the hundreds of languages and come from varied ability for young people to personally encounter Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate (CARA) at Georgetown University, 2014, See 28 29 25