World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 24

1. World Youth Day is a pilgrimage In the role of pilgrimage leader, there are several important realities to pass on to the (not a vacation). pilgrims on their journey to Kraków for World Youth Day. While the specific points are When pilgrims sign up for World Youth Day, ultimately up to the discretion of the leader and their reasons are varied: some are looking to the local community, below are seven principles travel abroad; some are looking for an that could be helpful for all participants from enjoyable experience with friends and the United States who are bound for the community; some are hoping to meet new international experience. friends or find a significant other; some have a passion for the host country or the rich heritage 1. World Youth Day is a pilgrimage and history of that land; some will come simply (not a vacation). because they were invited; some are seeking 2. World Youth Day is an encounter inspiration and illumination; some want to meet with the Universal Church. the pope and the bishops; some want to 3. World Youth Day is a celebration experience different cultures, foods, and people in community and communion. from foreign lands; some have gone to this or a 4. United States pilgrims can be p