World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 15

and through parish, diocesan, campus, or with others, as well as supporting the young other communication tools. The pilgrim people through challenging interactions. leader can also engage with the youth or young adults who are assisting them in the The encounters – with Christ, the Church, leadership and development of the pilgrimage; other pilgrims, and the many others along way while it may not be all the pilgrims, the – will often lead to continued encounters far ministry coordinator can deepen the beyond the time experienced at World Youth encounter with young leaders, enabling them Day. On a practical level, social media, email, to accompany their peers throughout the letters, and reunions provide means to journey. Forming these relationships in continue the connections made there. On a advance of the trip can not only benefit the deeper level, those encounters and a more young people, but also the overall experience mature understanding of encountering Christ of the pilgrim leader. and the Church help to support the growth of faith and encourage one another to be of An Encounter with Others service to the Lord, to the Church, and to the The time of pilgrimage is also a time of whole world. encounter with others along the w ^K