World Youth Day USA Guides International Pilgrimage Leaders Guide - Page 11

world: in the communion of saints united international pilgrim and the stateside pilgrim with the Triune God. are united under one mission – and both can truly be part of the story of World Youth Day In the Church, pilgrimage and community are and be transformed in the process. Everyone, inseparable. Not only is the community the then, can be a pilgrim on this journey. backdrop against which the pilgrim’s journey to World Youth Day takes place, but it is an Understanding the young people on this experience for the entire community. Those journey – and the community from which who cannot go are also invited to participate they come (and to where they will be going with the same sense of corporate identity that is next) – is key to better appreciating the people found in the Judeo-Christian notion of a that God has put into the leader’s care. The festival/pilgrimage and fulfilled in the tasks of the trip, even the most seemingly Eucharist. They are invited to a solidarity that important logistical details, are all secondary is meaningful, not marginal. In this way, the to the pilgrims themselves. 9