World War 1 Poetry Project - Page 5

Suicide in the trenches Siegfried Loraine Sassoon, was born on September 8th 1886 and died on September 1st 1967. He was an English poet, writer, and soldier. the poet are 28 years old when he fit into the war. Sassoon's reaction to the realities of the war were all the more bitter and violent, both his reaction through his poetry and his reaction on the battlefield. it's a horrible poem, that shows us the difficulties of the war and of being a soldier. It disgusts me to see how horrible it was in the trenches and . And with this poem we understand that the war mark the soldier wich the most of them become mad. And it shows us the conditions of life of the soldier in the trenches. we have chosen this song for 2 reasons, firstly the singer sings the poem, secondly we like him.