World War 1 Poetry Project - Page 3

What is the message of the poet The poet wants to show the horror of war and in this poem he used the image of lice. Like the lice, there were millions of soldiers ! Then, the narrator felt hopeless because the enemy, lice or soldiers always appeared, never died, seemed immortal. And The Immortals is the title. These ennemies were countless, and he became crazy !Furthermore, lice are dirty, like the soldiers who fought in the mud, in blood, and in smoke.The poet wants to tell the next generation not to make war anymore. The song we have chosen Why we have choose this song ? First of all ,this song was created by the English rock group : Radiohead. The band wrote and recorded the song as a tribute to the British supercentenarian Harry Patch, the last surviving soldier to have fought in the trenches during World War 1. We have chosen this song because it's tempo illustrates the war conditions because it's sad and slow but it has a dramatic and scary side. Presentation of the poet Isaac Rosenberg was born on November 25th 1890, in Lithuania. He attended St Paul School in London but in 1900, he moved to Stepney and went to Jewish school.At fourteen, he left school to become an apprentice engraver because he was interested in poetry and visual art.In 1915 Rosenberg enlisted in the army for WW1 and he was sent to France.He died on the first of April in 1918 in Somme, France, and when he was identified, he was buried in St Laurent-Blangy, in Pas-De-Calais, France.