World War 1 Poetry Project - Page 12

Pupils who work on this poem: French: Melvin Lavenette, Alexandra Evrat, Camille Gauthier Italian: Mario Giubilei, Acsinte Adrian, Sergio Campisano Turkish:Selin Akçay England to her Sons Sons of mine, I hear you thrilling To the trumpet call of war, Gird ye then, I give you freely, As I give your sires before, All the noblest of the children I in love and anguish bore. Free in service, wise in justice, Fearing but dishonours breath; Steeled to suffer uncomplaining Loss of failure, pain of death Strong in faith which sees the issue and in hope that triumpeth. Go, and may the God of battles You in his good guidance keep: And if he wisdom giveth Unto his beloved sleep I accept nothing asking, save little space to weep. The poem read by: Sergio Campisano Elem Tetik : William Noel Hodgson was born in 1893 and died in 1916. He was an English poet and during the war he published stories and poems. His friends called him "Smiler". He volunteered for the British Army During the war and was killed at the battle of the Somme. Mes fils, je vous entends palpitants à l'appel de la guerre, Préparer vous au combat, je vous laisse sans efforts, comme j'ai laissé à vos pères avant, tous les plus nobles enfants que je porte anxieusement dans mon coeur. Libre en service, sage en justice, ne craignant que le souffle du déshonneur; prêt à souffrir sans rien dire la décéption de l'échec, la douleur de la mort Confiant dans la victoire et sûr de triompher