World T.E.A.M. Sports 2017 Annual Review 2017 World T.E.A.M. Annual Review - Page 23

For many of these developmentally- and physically-disabled teenaged athletes, participating in a friendly competition involving bicycles, hiking and water craft is something they’ve only dreamed about. With the assistance of nonprofit partners like The Center for Discovery in New York and Best Buddies Capital Region in suburban Washington, energetic adaptive athletes are teamed with able-bodied coaches who participate alongside them as they bicycle on unpaved paths, paddle canoes and boats on waterways and complete obstacle courses. TOP: Adventure Team Challenge New York athletes find challenge in a climbing tower. BOTTOM: Athletes at the Adventure Team Challenge in Colorado assist an adaptive athlete up a steeply-climbing trail. RIGHT: Adaptive and able-bodied athletes stretch at the beginning of the Dralla Foundation Adventure Team Challenge Washington, D.C. to assist and support their adaptive colleagues through backcountry terrain. Crossing the finish line on Sunday, each athlete has immense pride in their accomplishments. Since the inaugural Challenge in 2007, participating athletes have included military veterans, corporate employees and outdoor adventure-seekers. Each builds upon their personal skills a @WW&V6W2F7&VFR7W'FfPFVFB67V66W76gVǐVFW'FR'7F6RpĔԕE0FR&WFRFW&R&RƖ֗G0FWFF"GfVGW&RvVখFfGV2ǒFV"60BvVFvR6W&FfVǒखW72&VFRFW'&Wp&( 26G6VF2@rFR7F&22d67V'W&&v6wFB26֖"WB&RvVFRFVЦ6WFF2VFW"FRGfVGW&PFV6VvR&W"&fFPVvW"FFfRFWFW2FV vG&6f&FfRWW&V6W266RWr&( 2f'7BGfVGW&PFV6VvR#@v6wFB2( 2f'7B#&RF#FFfRFVV0fR7V66W76gVǒ6WFVBFW6P6W6fRWfVG2&VG2gFVGFVBF6VW"B7W'@FV"6G&V'WBB2FR6WFpFWFW2v&VVfBFR7BfRWfW"&Vf&RfVGW&V@fbfVB6FWvƷ2&FR&76W0"VVBFFR6R"&BFR6VvRffW'2FW6RFWFW0FR'GVGFWBFV vVFvRB&V6FbFPv&BBF&V6v旦RFRfVPbWFF"7'G2FV"ƗfW2f"FR'F6Fr&R&FV@66W2FW6VRB&V6v旦PrFFfRFWFW267&PWfW'R6VFrFV6VfW2#