World T.E.A.M. Sports 2016 Annual Review World T.E.A.M. Sports Annual Report 2016 - Page 5

NO. 1 LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT BE ALL IN HOW DO YOU MEASURE THE POWER OF A HANDSHAKE? As a non-profit organization, World T.E.A.M. Sports belongs to our participating athletes, volunteers, donors, partners and sponsors. Our events are your events. Our successes are your successes. to discuss participating metrics and and how we measure Through supporting our the impact of our programs. At involved World T.E.A.M. Sports, we create organization, being means more than one-of-a-kind, challenging, inclusive events simply showing up to ride a bike, helping with that team those with and without disabilities to achieve registration or supporting an athlete through a a common goal. We change lives sports. And financial donation. Being a part of through World T.E.A.M. our success is easy to observe, tough to quantify. Sports requires commitment and but dedication. If you’ve ridden Face of America, encourage As we continued our discussion, turned in to me others to also participate. If you’ve he donated and asked, “How do you measure your the friends power of support of an athlete, encourage a handshake?” and colleagues to offer a few dollars to help an athlete meet a fundraising goal. If you’ve assisted His was profound. do you rest measure with question event registration or with How an athlete stop the power point, of human interaction? do role you at measure or check step up and take a How larger the smile on a event. child’s face when he completes a an upcoming These are tough questions, with even tougher answers. And like my conversation with our volunteer, measuring results is also a frequent and important conversation with our sponsors. Financial support is critical. We can’t survive without it and we are incredibly grateful for every crucial dollar we receive. But rather than tell you we are being good stewards of your support, we want to SHOW you what you make possible. Join us. Volunteer at an event. Cheer along the route. Drive a safety vehicle. Ride with us. Climb with us. Paddle with us. Take a step out of your comfort zone—that is our specialty, after all. At World T.E.A.M. triathlon, though he’s never before been invited to Sports, we want you to experience the challenge. We race? do you quantify the on impact on a family World How T.E.A.M. Sports depends our athletes, when their donors, disabled partners mother and or father not only volunteers, sponsors to learns how to handcycle, but sports. conquers challenging change lives through With 110 your support, miles? How you life of a veteran we’re do able to measure reach out the to quality greater of numbers when he learns still experience of athletes both that with he and can without disabilities the to feeling of being challenged to his core, and that With he can still undertake inspiring physical challenges. your prevail? do you measure the inspiration felt by support, How we help athletes join together with others the hundreds of people who participate in our With events in creating inclusive, supportive communities. every year and exceptional the ripple effect on the your support, individuals of thousands varying with whom they their experience? backgrounds and share constituencies join together as one. want you to feel the accomplishment. We want you to be All In. Van P. Brinson III World T.E.A.M. Sports President and CEO REVIEW During a recent car ride with a volunteer, we began 5