World T.E.A.M. Sports 2016 Annual Review World T.E.A.M. Sports Annual Report 2016 - Page 27

NO. 6 BE YOU LEFT: Team members at Adventure Team Challenge Colorado. For athletes both with and without disabilities, A paraplegic athlete, for instance, outdoor actively participating in stimulating Notably, over ten years, Colorado’s may be such very as skilled at piloting a sports cycling, sea kayaking, river Challenge has run on varied courses hand cycle rugged terrain, rafting and across climbing can help build confidence in the state’s high mountains and but well could little physical experience as as have improve and in mental western fitness. desert, and every team has rowing a raft. An able-bodied athlete completed each stage within the Athletes at each in World Sports event may be strong hiking T.E.A.M. and running, allotted time. Event organizers Billy may momentarily find experience themselves in challenged but have no practical and Helene Mattison take pride in by the difficulty, but route supportive teamwork from unique courses that offer identifying the best through a creating other athletes provides the encouragement to wilderness. Another athlete may feel a challenge but are not impossibly be successful. adaptive and able-bodied comfortable in With reading topographical difficult or intimidating. athletes working toward maps and using a together compass, but common goals, each no inspires the other to additional then have experience in riding Although courses in New York achievements. a bicycle off road on single-track and suburban Washington D.C. trails. Bringing these diverse are suitably scaled down from By focusing together on individual as individuals with a challenges, common such Colorado to assure the success completing a stage at Colorado’s Adventure Team goal of cooperation and successful of their young adaptive athletes, Challenge a steep of completion or of ascending a stage creates a hill at Face Colorado’s multiple stages still serve America, athletes discover they can overcome strong bond between the members. as a model. Along the C&O Canal, doubts and have the confidence to undertake even greater challenges. LEFT: Cycling at the Adventure Team Challenge Colorado. TOP: Getting boats ready at Adventure Team Challenge New York. ABOVE: Team members at Adventure Team Challenge D.C. athletes learn team paddling skills to quickly navigate the half- mile course by canoe. In New York, a special challenge—climbing the Catskill’s highest peak—is offered each year. Only the most dedicated of the young athletes undertake this challenge, given the 1,900 feet of elevation gained by the foot trail in only three miles. Remarkably, these athletes successfully summit Notch Mountain, earning a commanding view of the surrounding range. Through participation in these Challenge events, athletes in Colorado, New York and Washington, D.C. learn that having a goal, and meeting that goal thanks to their effort, can translate to richer, more fulfilling lives. REVIEW ABOVE: An adaptive rider pedals through Arlington National Cemetery at Face of America. 27