World T.E.A.M. Sports 2016 Annual Review World T.E.A.M. Sports Annual Report 2016 - Page 23

NO. 5 From the very first Adventure Team Challenge in western Colorado in 2007, adaptive and able-bodied athletes of all ABOVE: Teamwork cycling, climbing, ages, abilities and backgrounds have been brings athletes together at Face of America. floating in rafts, boats and canoes, and undertaking physical LEFT: Adventure challenges created to encourage teamwork, innovation and Team Challenge Colorado. group problem-solving. ADVENTURE TEAM CHALLENGE EVENTS Joining together adaptive and able-bodied athletes as teams has been a part of World World T.E.A.M. three T.E.A.M. Sports Sports’ since the very beginning. canoes and boats and undertook Challenge events in 2016 each unique outdoor activities as part of From 1987’s Ride Across America to September’s reached different athletes, but their Challenge. In these outdoor Adventure Team Challenge in western Colorado, all offered participants the thrill stages, exceptional athletes were cooperation and teamwork drive each event. of outdoor adventure. accompanied by able-bodied coaches who provided careful Athletes pedaling Face of America to Gettysburg In New York’s Catskill Mountains assistance and guidance as quickly learn that Washington helping each other doesn’t and in suburban D.C.’s necessary. For some adaptive always lending young an assist on a steep hill. the Challenge provided historic mean C&O Canal, athletes athletes, Often, it is as simple disabilities as pointing out a pot with developmental an hole initial in opportunity to sample the surface or a floated slippery in railroad crossing. rode road bicycles, hiked, outdoor sports such as cycling. Through teamwork, everyone benefits. NEW YORK: September 8-9 WASHINGTON, D.C.: September 17 COLORADO: September 23-25 REVIEW BE A TEAM PLAYER 23