World T.E.A.M. Sports 2016 Annual Review World T.E.A.M. Sports Annual Report 2016 - Page 17

NO. 4 BE MOTIVATING Face of America athletes cycle more than 100 miles in two days. cheered the ride in person, or who It takes determination to travel up to 120 ages miles waited patiently for the riders followed it through traditional in two days, particularly for an and athlete pedaling to appear. There was a shout—the social media. through the strength of their arms. For these riders are approaching! As the exceptional athletes, the loss of the use World of their T.E.A.M. Sports lead vehicle At the tiny, not rural community of enjoying passed legs does keep them from outdoor with the first group of riders Gettysburg or Links, north of the recreation, from just encouraging others to keep close behind, the residents following Pennsylvania/Maryland pedaling mile after mile. state line, cheered with excitement, their local residents come out each year applause giving tired riders strength to celebrate passing of Face participants Though many the Face of America are to continue to the ride’s conclusion. of peak America. It was fitness, an unforgettable in physical some athletes are not day with a bicyclists. huge American flag casual cyclists, dedicated For these As one of the mid-Atlantic’s most hanging low 55 from a crane across completing miles or more in a single popular day can and well-attended non- the two-lane county road, patriotic ride in competitive surpass the mileage they usually a full bicycling events, Face of military Yet, marches and songs week. they continue on, filling encouraged and reaches an ever-expanding America the air. Along the colleagues, sides of the and inspire audience inspired by their others of support each year. highway, enthusiastic all who are motivated by fans their of dedication. Families, friends and colleagues pledge financially in support of the ride and it’s exceptional participants. In 2015 and 2016, more than $1 million were received through donations and sponsor support, but it is the athletes who benefit most. Although Gettysburg is widely known for its horrific Civil War battles between American armies, the cycling Face of America veterans pedaling through the now-silent battlefields help bring America together as one. REVIEW Participating in a challenging outdoor sporting event like Face of America is both inspiring and motivating. 17