World T.E.A.M. Sports 2016 Annual Review World T.E.A.M. Sports Annual Report 2016 - Page 10

COASTAL RACHEL TEAM FREDERICKS CHALLENGE PARTICIPANTS ATHLETES: 16 | VOLUNTEERS: 16 ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT PADDLING LONG ISLAND’S COASTAL WATERS ATHLETE Face of America 2016 Paddling along Long Island, New York’s Fredericks southern coast from Troy, New York native Rachel joined Beach, the U.S. Corps athletes at age 17 to Coastal Westhampton the Marine participating of the serve her country. Three years later, she was Team Challenge learn the importance of teamwork and relying in physical rehabilitation and out of the service, on partners. The 16-nautical-mile, two-day journey provided 16 adjusting to civilian life following a horrific developmentally-disabled athletes from Long Island’s Independent 20-foot training course fall that fractured her Group Home Program with the as thrilling hips Living and two vertebrae, well as experience tearing of the open sea, but muscles with the and safety of the shore only half a mile distance. ligaments. “Before becoming disabled I loved to compete,” recalled Fredericks. “Thankfully, I now ride a hand cycle and am able to compete again.” Learning about Face of America from a veteran colleague, Fredericks was surprised when she realized she had committed to a 110-mile ride in two days. Beginning a vigorous training program on local streets and highways in her home town, by the day she traveled to Arlington, she felt ready to tackle the miles. 6 “I was shocked and amazed that I made the whole ride,” Fredericks recalled. “I never thought I would make it. I met a great group of veteran and civilian friends at Face of America, and they inspired me to keep going.”