World T.E.A.M. Sports 2015 Annual Review - Page 11

REACH 20 15 WORLD T.E.A.M. SPORTS AN N UA L R E V I E W FROST VALLEY, NY WEST POINT, NY LONG ISLAND, NY GETTYSBURG, PA ARLINGTON, VA CHARLOTTE, NC WORLD T.E.A.M. SPORTS EQUIPMENT World T.E.A.M. Sports participants have tested their limits as they competed in a range of challenges covering mountains and miles. Here is some of the equipment that helps them compete. Hobie Two-Person Mirage Oasis Kayak Pedals allow participants the ability to use their legs to propel themselves through the water. Recumbent Cycle Custom-Built Hand Cycle High-end adult tricycles ›έšYHΫΫY›ά[™έXš[]B™›άˆ]]\ΘΪ]\Xέ[\‚š[š\šY\Θ[›Ϋš[™Θ˜[[˜ΩK‚‚”\XΪ\[ΘΪ]έΩ\‹X›ΩBš[š\šY\ΘΨ[ˆY[Ϊ]Z\‚š[™Θ[œέXYوZ\ˆYάΛ‚‚ŽBŽB‚ƒ