World of Warcraft Community Magazine Issue 7 - Page 56

ARTICLE 56 // World of Warcraft Community Magazine A CONVERSATION WITH LOOKING FOR ROLE PLAY PART 1 By Chris Wootton A slight change to the usual Dravvie: My name is Dravvie, Mage, a little frost Mage with and I like to joke that I’m the his Water Elemental George around as I got to converse with magical warlock girl. I’ve been and his Mechanostrider Glen. the members of the Looking For playing WoW since forever. I’m Role Play podcast in person. This a sub editor for the World of led to some slight deviation from Warcraft community magazine the idea for the podcast? What topic on occasion, but here we go. and I lead a raiding group. brought the three of you together? interview format this time Woot: Who are you and what classes do you guys play in WoW? Turwinkle: I am Turwinkle the Woot: Ok. How did you guys get Dravvie: I have no idea. Gnome Mage, and I do a YouTube show called the Adventures of Tarcanus: Turwinkle has Turwinkle the Gnome Mage; always had an idea to do a show Tarcanus Frostmourne, and I where we travel around Azeroth about role play, dating back am your friendly purveyor of doing quests and interviewing to the 80’s and 90’s, when he pink cakes and portals. I play other role players and guilds wanted to do a radio show about a Blood Elf (or Sindorei) Mage and filming community events various topics. I’ve always been on Wyrmrest Accord US. and that sort of thing. I’m a frost interested in doing a podcast Tarcanus: My name is about role play for a number of yea