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A B C D Glistening warm ambiance... W I L L B R I G H T E N Y O U R D AY A • Simply White Storage Cabinet Handy three shelved cabinet stores and displays your items behind a glass door. Elegant and “simply white” with decorative legs and door handle, it will be useful in any room! MDF and pine wood. May require additional freight charge. Contents not included. 15" x 11⅜" x 25¼" high. D1148 $149.95 C • Shabby Elegance Scrollwork Chandelier Elegant distressed-ivory scrollwork and glimmering crystals turn candle glow into a captivating show. Instantly create an airy g&V6&f6&6RvFF26W'Fǐ6FVƖW"&vF7'Ɩ266VG26FW2B6VFVB+"+"#L+"r33cC#BP"( "f'&&VR6FVƖW"7W&Ɩ7VW27'7F2B6FW2v&^( BF0vFW&gV6FVƖW"2BfVǒFV6bWW'B&VfVVBf W"Fr&VfW""WfVWFF'2&B7'Ɩ26FW2@6VFVB""R"v3"rvF6CCrC3BPB( "6&W6W7Fr&6WG2FvFǒvfV6&W6&6WG2vFƖvGvVvB&&FW2&RW&fV7Bf"f&WGb&FvG26&W66FVG2B6VFVB6âl+" +"L+"vVFVӢ",+"\+"v&vS#"L+"l+"v3Cc#"6WBb2CC