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E • New! Small Flamingo Décor Set These two happy little pink flamingos are ready to welcome your friends and family to your outdoor space. The bright and cheery details will liven up your yard. They are also a fun addition to any indoor space. Iron. 8" x 4¾" x 19¾" high. 10018283 Set $29.95 E Set F F • New! Serving Flamingo S & P Shakers Set Serve up salt and pepper with a little bit of tropical whimsy when you set this on your table. A fun little flamingo in board shorts and sunglasses stands on the beach with a box containing classic salt and pepper shakers. Polyresin, powder stone and glass. 5½" x 4½" x 9½" high. 10018238 Set $1 ) ))9܄]5ЁQ́ոݕЁٕ́ȁѕ)ѱɽݡ丁QȁЁ́ѼɅЁɥ́Ѽ)݅䁍ѡɥЁ́ɕЁ݅Ѽݕ)ɥ́丁 ȁAY ѡ̀) əհ͠)15%9=L) ?d́ȁMչɽ́ͅ䁉́ɥѼ)ѡٕͥЁѡ́ձ́ɥЁ̸5хЁхՔ́)əհѥѡЁ͍ɹɅѽȁݥ݅ЁѼݥѡЄ]ɽ՝)ɽM͕ɕեɕ Ј 􈁡Ā(