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E F G Lights Up! E • Green Hummingbird Chimes Cheer F • Light-Up Hummingbird Wind Chimes up your home with this charming chime in fresh, leafy green! Crystal cascades sparkle as silver pipes make fairy tale music, bringing a little magic to even the dullest day. Acrylic and metal. 2½" x 2½" x 13" high. 12506 $4.95 H G • Rainbo ]\H[[Y\H]BH]Hقܙ[[[Z[ؚ\˜؜YZ[H[[YBK[Y\[B]\Hܞ\[[BX] Xܞ[X]Y][[Y\ˈYBPPH]\Y\›[YY  Hۙ˂ ̈ KMBBH8(]HR[UKB\]\H[[\\X]]Y[8([\X[[[Y\ܙ[[YBYXY]YXܞ[X[\X[\\\\BHH8'\'Bو[\\[BY][[Xܞ[Xˈ  ۙ˂͍M ˎMB[\Bو]\Y\˜ܙX]\B\YYB\\[و܋\[[[Y\\H[Y\Y^H[BY\H[KXܞ[X[Y][ HH Y LL KMB[Xܘ][ۈ[[Y[H^H[Y \x&\H]B\ۈ]]]\Hۂ[[[B\ܘXš[H\\[YHY][\\]\[HY^K\[ܙX]ۈ[\ܘ ][܈[[B[\]ܚ]HYK\ۈ[\˂Ȉ Ȉ Y L N M NKMB8(]HR[BKQ\\[[\\X\X[\][B[x&[ݙHHX]KBY[H]Z[Y\ۂ\]8&\Z[ݙ\Y][\\[BYH\ܘ]]H]Z[]Y\Y[ \ۈ[\˂Ȉ Ȉ HY L N MH NKMB[\BN