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E F E • Hummingbird Flutter Wind Chimes Let the summer breeze sing you a magical song! This charming wind chime features pretty hummingbird cutouts, gorgeous beads, metal chimes, and wooden accents at top and bottom. Aluminum and wood. 5½" x 4" x 32" high. 10015860 $14.95 F • Hummingbird Wind Chimes When the wind flutters through this beautiful wind chime, it will fill your ears with beautiful music. This wind chime is made from pine wood and iron, and it features a cutout hummingbird ornament on top and a lovely hummingbird charm below. Pine wood and iron. 3" x 3" x 29" high. 10017702 $14.95 G H G • Butterfly and Heart Wind Chimes This lovely wind chime will charm you, even when the breeze is still. It’s made from iron and pine wood and it features a pretty butterfly on top and a decorative heart charm below. Hang it from your porch or patio and listen to the song of the wind! Pine wood and iron. 4½" x 3" x 31½" high. 10017701 $14.95 H • Butterfly Double Tier Bell Wind Chimes This is far from your ordinary wind chime! This beautiful design features a cutout butterfly on top, two rows of bell wind chimes, and dangling leaf below. Hang it from your porch or patio to enjoy the song of the wind. Pine wood and iron. 3½" x 3½" x 25½" high. 10017707 $19.95 57