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F G H I J K F • Copper-Tone Wind Chimes Each breeze will turn into a song when you hang this pretty wind chime from your patio or porch. It features copper- tone metal chimes and a hanging octagonal wood ornament. Aluminum and wood. 5" x 5" x 30" high. 10015859 $19.95 H8(\X]H[[Y\H[[[[]\و[H[[B8( \X[[Y\H[\]\[YY]\H8(]H]\Hܛ[Y[[[Y\]H[[H\X]]Y[]܈ܚو\X]\\[Y\وY\[[ܙX]HHݙ[Bۙ܈[H]\H[YHHY^HˈH[ܛ[Y[][[X]\\H[ۘ\]\Hܘ\Xˈ[[[Z[[KpH pH ͈ۙˈ L N KMB8( N\X[[Y\H[[[[[H[\\X[[YHH[\ܘ܈][ˈ]X]\\[HX[[[[Z[[H[Y\\X܈\[HY^H[[\]ܚ]H[ [H[[[Z[[K   NHY L M͎NH LMH8(]H[X^[ܘXH[[Y\Y]H[H\ܚ[\•\X]]Y[[[YH\XYHH[H[[[Z[[H[\Œ[\ۙˈH[Y\[[܈[HXX[YHHY^H\\Y[\X\ [H[[[Z[[K   ȈY L M͎N M MB[\X]]Y[[[YHH[\ܘ܈][ˈ]X]\\[BX[[]H[[Z[[H[Y\][[]HY^K[H[[[Z[[K   Y L M  NKMB[[YH\Y][[Y\Xܘ]Y]Hܙ8'[X^[ܘXBY]H[ 8'H[ۙ]H[ܛ[Y[]X]\\B[YH[[\[[[\K[[[Z[[K   0Hۙ˂L N  KMBM