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A B C D E Turn a breeze into a song... WITH CLASSIC WIND CHIMES A • New! Classic Waterfall Wind Chimes Timeless style and beautiful music made by the wind! This classic waterfall wind chime features a wooden ornament and a series of metal chimes that will sing in the breeze. Iron and aluminum. 4¾" x 4¾" x 28" long. 10018225 $24.95 B • New! Printed Butterfly Wind Chimes The metal chimes are printed with beautiful Monarch butterfly graphics that match the butterfly printed on the wooden ornament that hangs below. Wood and aluminum. 6" x 6" x 37" long. 10018226 $39.95 C • Classic Wind Chimes Simple yet elegant! The slightest breeze starts a gentle symphony. Wood and aluminum. 3½" x 3½" x 23½" long. 28191 $12.95 54 D • Resonant Wind Chimes Nature’s own music sounds best when accompanied by the gentle tones of this aluminum and natural pine wind chime. Wood and aluminum chimes. 5½" x 5½" x 24" long. 25306 $24.95 E • Grand Vista Wind Chimes At an impressive 57 inches long, this wind chime is the fairest of them all! Long shining pipes produce the serene sound of church bells from even the merest breeze, filling the air with ever- changing song. Metal and wood. 7" x 7" x 57" high. 14845 $49.95 57" HIGH