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I N AT U R E ’ S M O M E N T S W I T H Rustic Birdhouses J A • Country Store Birdhouse Tired travelers will find welcome shelter at this quaint resting spot! Cleverly detailed right down to the hay bales, this realistic miniature pays tribute to the rustic charm of the old-time country store. Eucalyptus wood and polyresin. 10¼" x 7" x 9" high. 14258 $19.95 B • Farmstead Birdhouse Country living comes to town with this fabulous farm built for a lucky feathered family! Quaint all-wood birdhouse spares no detail in recreating an honest-to-goodness rustic barnyard scene. Eucalyptus wood. 10¼" x 7" x 8½" high. 14257 $19.95 C• Storybook Cottage Birdhouse Clever beam-style trim, welcome sign, and tall roof bless this birdhouse with storybook charm! Eucalyptus wood. 9¾" x 9" x 12½" high. 29312 $19.95 D • Yacht Club Birdhouse Feathered friends can weather the storm in this wooden “yacht club,” complete with straw roof, wooden dock and quaint nautical knickknacks. Eucalyptus wood, bamboo wood, and plywood. 9⅜" x 8" x 10" high. 32188 $19.95 E • Gingerbread-Style Birdhouse This multi-level birdhouse “condo” offers lovable lodgings for several avian households. Eucalyptus wood. 10½" x 5½" x 12½" high. 30206 $24.95 F • Vintage Trailer Birdhouse Create a comfy campground for your fly-in guests with this cozy little trailer! Comical birdhouse comes complete with all the accessories of an old-time outdoor paradise. Eucalyptus wood. 8¼" x 6⅛" x 6¾" high. 12503 $19.95 K G • Winery Birdhouse The “Finch Valley Winery” is a favorite feasting place for flying gourmets! Cleverly detailed wood doors, shutters and mossy roof. Eucalyptus wood and plywood. 10⅝" x 7⅞" x 10⅛" high. 35146 $19.95 H • Biker Bar Birdhouse The birds in your yard will love making this Route 66 biker bar their home! This whimsical birdhouse features all the trimmings of a smokin’ hot highway roadhouse, complete with a motorcycle parked outside and a flame-painted roof. Eucalyptus wood. 10¼" x 7½" x 9" high. 10016849 $19.95 L I • Fishing Pier Birdhouse This charmingly detailed birdhouse will turn your backyard into prime waterfront far as the birds are concerned. Its intricate design features rope-wrapped pier posts, a life saver, and a quaint thatched roof that’s decorated with fishing line. Eucalyptus wood. 8¾" x 7¾" x 11⅛" high. 10015476 $19.95 J • Island Paradise Birdhouse Cute and clever lifeguard station is a bit of i