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F Charming figurines... T O L I G H T U P Y O U R S PA C E E E • New! My Pup and I Solar Figurine This sweet statue features a young boy pondering life’s mysteries with his faithful pup by his side. The solar panel on the base soaks up the sun’s rays and makes this charming statue glow at night. Polyresin and plastic. One AAA battery included. 6¼" x 5¼" x 9½" high. 10018057 $21.95 F • New! Solar Couple with Street Light Statue This cute couple is ready to brighten your days and your nights! A sweet boy and girl sit beneath a classic street light that has a solar panel to use the power of the sun to light up at night. This is a great addition to your front walk, your garden, or your patio. Polyresin, and plastic. One 200MAH AA NI-CD battery included. 8" x 6" x 12¾" high. 10018277 $34.95 Solar Powered G Solar Powered Solar Powered H Solar Powered I Solar Powered J G • Sweet Summertime Solar Statue A rosy- cheeked girl and her friendly feathered companion get ready to gather a summer bouquet. Lovingly fashioned to resemble hand carved wood; a special hidden solar light provides a lovely after- dark glow. Polyresin. Solar powered battery included. 6" x 5½" x 14½" high. 13914 $29.95 Solar Powered H • Solar Children Statue This sweet duo have just captured their first fluttering butterfly! Powered by the sun and a single battery, this little girl and boy will light up your garden all year long. Polyresin and plastic. One AA battery included. 8¼" x 6" x 16½" high. 10017460 $39.95 I • New! Apple Basket Solar Street Light Statue This little boy has a basket full of sweet apples and he will bring you smiles day and night. There’s a small solar cell that soaks up the sun by day to light up the classic-style street light that stands just above the little boy’s head. Polyresin and plastic. One 200MAH AA NI-CD battery included. 4½" x 4½" x 14¾" high. 10018275 $19.95 J • Making Friends Solar Sculpture A bright-eyed boy shares a playful moment with his beloved pet turtle; a visiting butterfly joins in the fun. Light- up solar accents add a charming glow to your garden after dark! Polyresin. Solar powered battery included. 5¾" x 9" x 10½" high. 13913 $29.95 43