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Bunny fun J K . . . F O R Y O U R YA R D J • Bunny Wall Hanging Bird Feeder This sweet little bunny has opened the shutters of his tree house to say good morning to the birds as they feed on the delicious food you leave for them. Polyresin. Birdseed not included. 7⅜" x 5⅛" x 9⅝" high. 10017755 $24.95 K • Garden Sitting Bunny Statue This sweet little bunny rabbit is taking a break from hopping around your yard! You’ll love this adorable statue and his beautiful details as it sits still in your yard or garden. Polyresin and polystone. 6¼" x 4¼" x 6¾" high. 10017885 $11.95 L M N Solar Powered O P L • Curious Rabbit Garden Statue O • Curious Bunny Garden Decor M • Rabbit Solar Garden Path Light P • Peek-A-Boo Garden Bunnies Decor Two curious bunnies have This adorable little bunny is curious about his surroundings. Perfect for your garden, yard or front porch, it features finely detailed fur and captivating brown eyes. Polyresin and stone. 4¾" x 5" x 9¼" high. 10016953 $14.95 There’s no cuter way to light up your outdoor space! On top is a solar-powered lantern that will light up at night with help from the sun’s rays during the day. Polyresin and plastic. 6¾" x 6¾" 13¾" high. 10017857 $29.95 Place this darling sculpture in your garden and delight in his realistic details. The base looks like a freshly dug hole in your yard, but who can be angry at a face like that?! Polyresin and stone. 5½" x 5½" x 6¼" high. 10016128 $12.95 popped into your yard to see what’s going on! This fun little outdoor accent piece features a mound of dirt with two tiny bunnies peeking out. Polyresin and polystone. 6½" x 5½" x 6" high. 10017884 $14.95 N • Standing Bunny Statue This adorable bunny figurine is standing up to catch the scents in your yard, and you’ll love catching a glimpse of him each time you’re outside. Polyresin and polystone. 4⅜" x 3" x 8" high. 10017886 $11.95 33