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Reflections of your style! C MARVELOUS MIRRORS Show off your flair for decorating with an eclectic old world touch shining through any room. E A D F B New! Vintage Style Wall Mirrors Modern style with a vintage twist, these gorgeous wooden mirrors are ready to be the focal point of your wall. Each mirror is set in a wooden frame with weathered finishes that make them look like timeworn treasures. MDF wood and mirror. Each is approximately 15" x ½" x 23" high. A • Distresse ܛ]BB8(\\Y[B8(X[ܛۂB8([\X[ܛۂBH8(Y[]H\\YB8(ܘ[\\Y]BBL N L N BL N ̂L N ŒL N ŒL N  KMB KMB KMB KMB KMB KM