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A B A • Mini Round Pot Hanger Organize your kitchen in a flash with this marvelous miniature pot rack! Ideal for small kitchens or to add instant storage to an unused corner, this handy circular rack holds nine pots or utensils right at your fingertips. Eliminates countertop clutter and crowded cabinets while adding gourmet flair to the heart of your home! Metal. May require additional freight charge. Chain and cookware ][YY M MHL0HY L NKMB8(\[\[\][X[]XH[Y\[[\[[][X\HXX\^XH]\š\ۈ[\\ˈ[]X\[BH[\Z[[[[\[H[\\H[XݙH[\\[܂[ˈ\ۋX^H\]Z\HY][ۘ[ZY\K H H 0HY L M͎ NKMB‘8(]H[^H[HYX[BXK܈[]\HYX[[]\H[[\YH]\[\X]H[^K[x&[ݙH\[XZ٘\[Y ܂HY]^H[\HۘX][\^\HHQ ۝[[YY  LȈ L8gYYN0 LȈ Y L MML KMBB8([[\[[X]B\\YۈXZ\\ܛY\ۂ[[\H\Y[ܚو\܈H][ܛY\ۋX^H\]Z\BY][ۘ[ZY\K\H[YY p Mxg LxgY M KMBH8(^HۙH܈H^K[ݚ[š\Z H MHX[Y]\^HۙH܂X\H^H[X[[\[BY\\]H]Z[\Y[X[^HY[ Y[\\]\B\[ZXˈ MH MH0HX˂LMH] NKMB8(ܛ\\][\ܛ\\][\و]X[X[\Z[œHY][ۜ[H[[ۘ[HYB\YY][\H\][[HY][[YK\]H]\YY][B[X[ۈ []]YHو[\]ܚ]B[܈\܈][\[XY[][ۈ[\H\]]]]\[x&YZH™\^KY][ YH\[XH\]Z\Y Lg Lg xgYXX\]\ŒL0 gHY L MM KMB X[\]\ԑSVHST