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C B A F E G D Angelic visions... O F FA I T H & B E A U T Y Touching Heart Beautiful Angels This collection of stunning angel figurines will dress up your mantel, shelf or tabletop with their presence. Each piece is delicately detailed in its own faithful way. Polyresin. A • Kneeling Angel 4¼" x 3½" x 6" high. B • New! Touching Heart Angel 4" x 3" x 7¾" high. C • New! Hugging Cross Angel 4" x 2½" x 7¾" high. D • New! Angel Cradling Baby 4¼" x 3" x 8" high. E • Open Arms Angel 3½" x 2½" x 7¾" high. F • Angel Carrying Dove 4" x 4½" x 8" high. G • Praying Angel 4" x 2½" x 8" high. 10017928 10018459 10018461 10018460 10017927 10017925 10017924 $24.95 $19.95 $19.95 $19.95 $24.95 $24.95 $24.95 L • New! Angel Wings Farmhouse Candleholder Two rustic, farmhouse-inspired metal angel wings are the perfect showcase for the clear hurricane candle holder on top of this beautiful sculpture. Fill it with the pillar candle of your choice. This looks great on your buffet, mantel, or as the centerpiece on your dining table. Metal and glass. Candle not included. 12½" x 6" x 23⅜" high. 10018374 $49.95 H • Light Up Angel Figurine A heavenly glow lights up this gorgeous angel figurine, bringing a sense of peace to your room. This beautiful angel features fine details with or without a glow while standing on a silver round base. Polyresin and plastic. Three AA batteries not included. 3½" x 3⅛" x 9" high. 10017926 $29.95 M • New! Solar Peaceful Cherub Figurine This little angel will really light up your life! This resting cherub is sleeping sweetly folded in detailed wings. The statue lights up after the solar panel has charged in the daylight. It’s the perfectly sweet addition to your outdoor space. Polyresin and LED light. 1.2V button cell battery included. 6⅞" x 4⅜" x 4⅜" high. 10018308 $12.95 I • Desert Angel Candleholder A slender seraph shields the light of faith with her bowed wings as she folds her hands in prayer. Stone-look decoration graces your home with a heartwarming dose of hope and faith! Polyresin with glass cup. Candle not included. 5⅜" x 3⅞" x 5¾" high. 39695 $10.95 N • New! Graceful Kneeling Angel Bring graceful beauty to your room with this beautiful angel figurine. She’s kneeling with her detailed angel wings behind her and a pretty golden headband and necklace. Polyresin. 3½" x 6¼" x 8" high. 10018458 $24.95 J • New! Solar Angel with Dove This little angel statue is ready to light up your O • Angelic Trio Oil Warmer Fill a room with a truly heavenly scent. Three beautiful angels surround a tealight candle as it warms your favorite oil in the clear glass dish. A divine bit of daily inspiration! Polyresin and glass. Tealight candle and oil not included. 5¾" x 5⅛" x 4⅝" high. D1215 $14.95 yard or garden with sweet style. The white dove in this kneeling angel’s hand will light up at night with help from a small solar panel that soaks up the sun’s rays by day. It’s a sweet reminder of beauty and faith for your outdoor space. Polyresin and LED light. One AAA rechargeable battery included. 6½" x 7¼" x 10½" high. 10018300 $29.95 240 K • Desert Angel Figurine Appearing to rise from the windblown desert sand, a gentle angel folds her arms and cups her wings in reverent prayer. An earthy spiritual decoration to display with pride! Polyresin. 4½" x 2⅜" x 9¼" high. 39694 $10.95