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ROMANTIC REDS Artistic Touches L J N I K M A • Red Glass Star Lantern Star light, star bright; this lantern is an artistic way to beautify candlelight! Patterned glass panels glow richly when lit from within, creating a captivating crimson glow. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 10¼" x 3½" x 9½" high. 12288 $12.95 F • Ruby Blooms Candleholder This metal candle holder features two stems, decorated with leaves and faceted flower buds, topped with red glass flower cups. Iron, plastic beads and glass. Candles not included. 7⅝" x 5" x 12⅝" high. 10016362 $21.95 B • Two Hearts Candleholder This pretty centerpiece G • Ruby Blossom Tealight Holder Perched atop a C • Tassel Votive Holder Tasseled metal cages H • Ruby Blossom Tealight Sconce Delicate blooms features an iron base with long stems and leaves, small red flower buds, and two red glass heart- shaped candle cups. Iron, glass and plastic beads. Some assembly required. Candles not included. 7" x 4½" x 13¼" high. 10017745 $14.95 swing gently from a slender central holder; glass votive cups in a deep garnet hue bestow ordinary candlelight with an air of enchantment. Daring and dramatic! Iron and glass. Candles not included. 7" x 6" x 19½" high. 38934 Reg. $29.95 Special: $19.99 D • Red Glass Moroccan Lantern Deep red pressed- glass panels and lacy cutouts transform candlelight into a mesmerizing dance, lavishing the night with a mystical glow. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. 13245 $10.95 E • Romantic Rose Votive Holder The timeless symbol of love is never lovelier than when filled with a candle’s passionate flame. Iron, glass and acrylic. Candle not included. 5" x 4⅛" x 12½" high. 13920 $14.95 slender be ][Y[KHXY\\BX[XXHˈH[[X[]Y›ݙ[H\\[H][H\ۋ\[Xܞ[X˂[H[YY   LpY L M MB]H[[\\][[]YK\[\\XۘH[HX\[و^[Y \ۋ\[Xܞ[Xˈ[\[YY H  M0Y LL NKMBH8(Y]\\HHXH\X[Y\Hۈ[\X]܈[[]\B\[Y[YH[[H[X]X[Y[[XZ\]H[\Y][Y[\YXHق\܈[\YK\ˈ H HpHY L M H KMB8(]HY\\[X\H]\X[Y\\Hۈ[\X[[܈[[[x&[B[X^YH]]\Y[[X]]KHX\B\[X[\Y]HHوܜ]\H[B[\Xˈ\ˈ H H LY L N KMB8(]HYܘ[\\HHYYܛB\ۈ\[X]XY\\\H\H\œ]H\H\\[x&[][YHH\HB][XZ\H[\XYH\ˈ H HpY L N L KMB8(]H\وܜ\\\H[H۸&]]BHۙHX[܈܈[\H[[BY\ݙ[H\\\H[\X[ۋBY\وX[܈\][H[H]YوH\H\[H[YZ[ˈ\ˈ  MpY L N N NKMBH8([\H\\H[X[Y[š[[HY [[H\و܈[HKY[\]ܚ]H\\Z[\\B܈HX]Z[HX]]Y[\YXHH\˂pH ȈHY LLM KMB8(ܚ[\ۈ[]\\\HH\[™YYܛH\H[X]\HX]]Hو[]][[[] ][[\\[[[]H]X[܋\XX\ܚ\ݙ[H[ۙK]\XX[H[[[[Y]HܘXY[\]Y]H\ˈ H H LY LL KMB\\\H܈Xܘ]]H\\ۛK[]YX[B[ XܘYY܈Z\[\]YHX]]K][\X^HBYHY\[HHX\Hۋ