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GOLDEN & COPPERY Mandarin Orange D A B C E F A • Tall Moroccan-Style Candle Lantern Lead your mind to far-off adventures! Amber glass panels reflect the flame of a single candle to create shadows that ripple and move in an endlessly enthralling pattern. Metal with glass. Candle not included. 6¼" x 5⅜" x 19" high. 34691 $29.95 B • Sunset Temple Moroccan Lantern Like a temple tower at sunset, the pressed glass panels of this metal craft lantern blaze with a mystical desert glow. Simply set a candle inside to set the scene for after-dark magic! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4¾" x 4¾" x 11¾" high. S1004 $19.95 C • Amber Glass Moroccan Lantern Create a mood of mystery and romance anywhere with this enchanting cutwork lantern. Amber glass diffuses a candle’s glow to fill your surroundings with dancing light and color. Combine several for a truly magical display! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4⅛" x 4⅛" x 10¼" high. 33145 $10.95 D • Moroccan Tower Candle Lantern Tall, elegant and impressive, this graceful bronze candle lamp is a stunning focus piece for your décor. Add a stately candle to shed an entrancing amber glow. An imaginative accessory! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 7¼" x 6⅜" x 22" high. 13202 $24.95 E • Amber Moroccan Candle Lantern Sunset orange adds lovely color to this pressed glass and metalwork candle lantern. A dramatic display of light and shadow that enhances any living space! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. D1058 $10.95 F • Calla Lily Water Fountain Clean, simple lines and gleaming metalwork make this water sculpture into a truly dramatic centerpiece! So lovely as waters flow from lily cup to lily cup in an endless crystal cascade. Resin and Iron. UL recognized. May require additional freight charge. Submersible pump included. 14½" x 14½" x 30" high. D1307 $219.95 222