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F G Vibrant hues... GREENS & BLUES F • Tall Floret Blue Candle Lantern Vibrant blue shines from the patterned glass of this finely crafted candle lantern, as delicate filigree design enhances its allure. All that is required is a candle’s flame to inspire your room with an exhilarating glow. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 3½" x 4" x 13" high. 15245 $16.95 G • Blue Medallion Candle Lantern Shimmering candlelight behind blue glass will fill your room with style when you light the candle of your choice inside this medallion style candle lantern. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4⅛" x 4⅛" x 11¾" high. 10017759 $12.95 H • Exotic Azure Pedestal Lantern The blue of the desert sky brings brightness to the night, lending splendor to even the quietest evening. Sturdy standing candle cage is the perfect mix of artistic and exotic! Iron, glass, and acrylic beads. Candle not included. 5" x 5" x 16½" high. 13401 $19.95 H K I I • Sapphire Star Table Lantern Make a wish on this beautiful blue star! Beautifully fashioned from matte black metal and pressed glass for an artistic presentation. Iron and glass. Candle not included. Lantern: 7½" x 2" x 8" high; stand: 14" high. D1138 $19.95 J • Blue Glass Moroccan Style Lantern The cobalt hues of this exotic metal candle lantern bring to mind images of mysterious Morocco! Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4½" x 3¾" x 10¼" high. 37438 $10.95 J K • Sapphire Nights Table Lantern Candle light glimmers through lacy designs, turned into sapphire rays of light. This graceful hanging tabletop lantern enchants your home with the magic of a desert night! Iron and glass. Candle not included. Lantern: 4" x 4" x 8¼" high; stand: 13" high. 14121 $19.95 L L • Jeweled Blue Glass Lantern Let this dramatic lantern be the crown jewel of your mantel or tabletop. The iron framework features intricate cutouts that turn candlelight into a designer light show, and each glass panel is embellished with a gorgeous jewel. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 3¾" x 3¾" x 8¼" high; 9" high with loop. 10017323 $10.95 219