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D • No Evil Buddha Candle Garden Invite peace and serenity into your home and remind everyone to speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil. The wooden frame of this serenity garden is filled with polished stones, two clear glass candle cups, and three charming Buddha statues. MDF wood, resin, stones and glass. Candles not included. Set: 8¾" x 8⅝" x 5¼" high; board is 1¼" high; each Buddha is 3½" x 2½" x 4¼" high; each candle holder is 2" diameter x 1" high. 10016195 Set $19.95 Enlightened E M E D I TAT I V E S PA C E D Set E • Victorian Hanging Candle Lantern The blend of clear pressed glass with a decorative metal frame that features decorative cutouts makes this a stunning candle lantern. Hang it indoors or out to create a glimmering show of candlelight. Iron and glass. Candle not included. 4" x 4½" x 13" high. 10015424 $19.95 F • Moroccan Lantern Intricate floral cutout design in rustic brown adds fresh appeal to this Moroccan style lantern. Simply add any candle و[\XH[[HH^X^HوY \ۋ[H[YY 𯈈 𯈈 LpHY MM L MBB‘8([[YH[Z\HٝHH[B[H[[[Z[]H\\HYH]YH[Y[]Z[]B[\K\[[H[YY   LxgY L MNL MB8(YHXH[\[Y[YY[H[\\\[Y[ \[HYHY\[H[H\][ۈ]ZY]BYY]]\[\X]H[\[H\YH[\BXZH]ܛYH[\\\[ \ۋ[[\YKSXۚ^Y Y[[YY ݙ\[LH LH Y[\YN LH LHHY˜\HYN0H  LY MLM KMBH8(]H\H]HYHY\HXXKZ[\[[H\]\]HYHY\[H[[\YK\\BܙX]Y][ۈ[\X[[ [܈\[[H]H]ق\[]HH\\XZ[[YK\\[[[Y˂ H Y L N M NKMB8(YH\]YH[HX܈H[YHX\\X[Y[H\\[YH\Yۙ\[H[[\]YHX]\\[\\XYHXH[\Y[X[Z[[\Q \[ۙ\[\ˈX[Y[\[YY  8fȈpHYXX[H\\ X[Y]\ HY L MNM NKMB