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A A • Meditating Buddha Statue Decorate your home with a touch of peace, tranquility and Zen! This intricately designed Buddha statue captures him in deep meditation and has a calming influence on any room. Fiberglass. 8½" x 7" x 11½" high. 10016164 $39.95 B • Heirloom Round Wall Mirror This ornate round wall mirror is the fairest of them all! The heirloom-style wooden frame features gorgeously detailed flourishes and an antique finish that shows off the intricate design, surrounding a perfectly circular mirror. MDF wood and mirror glass. 19⅞" x ½" x 19⅞" high; reflective mirror: 12¼" diameter. 10017056 $49.95 B D C C • New! Buddha Circular Wall Decor This Zen Buddha wall decor is truly unique and will look great over your [B^HXKݙ\[\][BX܂[]\B[H[\BH]H^B[[K\\[ ȈȈ X˂L N H NKMBYY]][ۈ QPSӈSQB 8([HZ\[ۘHX]]Y[Y][[\[H[\[ [™ܙ[\X]Y\[H\\[[[Y\[YˈXHB[\و[\XH[YH\[\]YHۘH[[HHXYX[[K\ۈ[\ˈ[\[YY  H MY L MNM M