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A B A • Majestic Eagle Water Fountain This majestic eagle is perched atop this unique water feature that’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The resin and stone powder base looks like a rocky landscape with a weathered tree, and from inside comes the soothing sound of cascading water. Stone powder, resin and glass. UL recognized. May require ad ][ۘ[ZY\K LXY\XH]\[\[YY M LȈ ȈY L ML NNKMB8(XYH[]\[Z[HXZ\XXYH\\YۈH[\^Z[H[[ˈH\HX]\\HX]\YYH[]]H[Y[[و\Y[]\ۙH\\[[\ˈSXۚ^Y X^H\]Z\HY][ۘ[ZY\K LXY\XH]\[\[YY M L0H ȈY L ML NNKMB8(XYHܞ\[[\H\\Y][HY YYYXو\[™\HYH\[XYHZ\ۈ[[[[]\H\QYXBYHY[Z[وܜˈ\]Z\܋Y[\\X\KYBPPH]\Y\[YY gH H 0HY L͌ LMB8(][XXYHHXYۚYX[[وH[X[[XYHXYܚ[\Hݙ\H[\Y\X[ \\\ˈ\\[]\KȈ 0xgY ̍ NH MBH8(]H\[XYH[ \\]\\[XYH[Y\]ݙ\[\[[\\[\H[[\YX[\H\XHX\ۙYBH[\]YH[[\\Z\] [H]\Z\][B[X]X][]H]Z[YXYH[Y \\[\ۈ[\˂[\ۛK xg Ȉ xgHY L N NM] NKMBN8([X]XXYHXHH\X[X]]Y[XYH[Z[H\[H\Bو\[[[[\X[XH]YH\و[XHHYK\\[\H][\\Y\ YH\[XH\]Z\Y X^B\]Z\HY][ۘ[ZY\K   HY ͎NH LKMB8(\[XYH]YH[[YKHYXYHYܝ\HY\H[[Z[Y^K\[[[\H\H[Z[HXܸ&\[Y ^XH\[X[[ X\Y\ \\[ pH 0H LgHY MH KMB8(XYH[Y]YHXH\]YH\H]8&\\HHY[[[BHX[HYZ\[[X\HY\[[Z[H[ZHHZ[H\B\\۞KY[\\[\XZ\XXYH[[Y[ٛܛ\[\]ܚ]HH[H[\Hو][\ \[p 0 LpHY L  MBH8(]H\[[XYH[X܈\XYH[ZY YY\HYœYHHHX]]Y[]Z[و\[XYH[[X^H[HZ[H[[B[[H[[\YH[ۈ[\[ \\[ H LY L N  KM