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A B D • Black Bear Toilet Paper Holder Could your bathroom use a dose of charm and whimsy? These adorable black bears are here to cheer up any restroom! This paper holder features three mischievous bears climbing a hollow log. Polyresin and wood. Toilet paper not included. 8¾" x 5" x 4½" high. 10016202 $24.95 E • New! Black Bear Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener This black bear is thirsty, just like you! This unique wall-mounted bottle opener looks like a well-worn tree trunk topped with a friendly black bear who will oversee every bottle opened with the metal opener below. Polyresin, and iron. 4¼" x 2" x 10" high. 10018195 $14.95 F • Bear Outhouse Toilet Paper Holder Add a bit of fun to your bathroom with this whimsical toilet paper holder that will delight your visitors. A comical black bear takes a break in his weather-worn outhouse and the paper holder below is made from iron. Polyresin and iron. Toilet paper not included. 7⅜" x 3¾" x 9½" high. 10016198 $19.95 A • Woodland Wonder Fireplace Screen A wonderful woodland scene is yours to enjoy every day when you place this gorgeous iron screen in front of your fireplace. Detailed pine cones surround the outer trim, while the interior panels feature silhouettes of evergreens and forest creatures. Iron, sheet metal and mesh metal. Some assembly required. May require additional freight charge. 38" x 4½" x 31¼" high. 10016006 $99.95 B • Black Bear Trio Hooks Get a leg up on organizing with this charming trio of bears! Three black bears are lounging on a log, each sticking out a foot that can be used as a hook. Great in the bathroom or kitchen. Polyresin. Contents not included. 18¼" x 2½" x 7" high. 10016200 $29.95 C • Black Bear Wine Bottle Holder Two playful black bears are ready to show off your favorite bottle of wine, along with two wine glasses, upon your bar or countertop. This carving features a baby black bear climbing a tree while big brother black bear awaits your favorite standard-size bottle of wine and standard- size stemmed wine glasses. Polyresin. Wine bottle and glasses not included. 9½" x 8" x 8¾" high. 10016201 $32.95 184 G • Black Bear Solar Statue By day, this adorable black bear will charm you as he ponders how to fetch that delicious acorn dangling above him. By night, the acorn will light up thanks to the built-in solar panel. Perfect for your yard or garden. Plastic, polyresin and solar panel. 3¾" x 5 HpY L M MB8(XX\][[[H\]وH[[[\YH[[B]\[YH[[ˈH\HX\]ܛ[Y[]HX]\\BY[H[HXZ\XXX\ۈH[ݙK[\H\[\Bو\ۈ]8&\H\X\܈H[[ \ۈ[\\[[[YY H8gH LY L MNNH M MBH8([X[\\H\[ۙYY\HX][ۈ[[[HX\قH[\\]X]\\\XX[[Y[HXYYۋB[[[H]HXX\XۈH܈HۘXˈ]X[\\ L0 g8gY ML H NKMB8(]HXX\ۙH\][\ۙHX\]H[[H]\˜\Z[\]ZHHYXHوY]H[[XX\\[[۝ ]]8&\HY ]XۙH\]8&\H\XXHY\[\X\ۙH [YY H[H[\K\\[ۙH[YY H  fȈY L N NL LM