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A C B D Turquoise and peacocks go together... P E R F E C T LY ! A • New! Peacock Inspired Candle Trio This centerpiece will shimmer and shine with style on your table! This gorgeous trio of turquoise blue glass candle cups are ready for the candles of your choice. They are surrounded by golden metal peacock plumes and faceted turquoise jewels. This is the perfect candle accessory for your dining table or your mantel. Iron, glass and plastic beads. Candles not included. 16" x 4¾" x 4" high. 10018046 $24.95 C • Peacock Feather Teacup Planter Strut your green thumb and show off your favorite potted plant in this charming teacup planter. Royal turquoise and vivid peacock feathers on both the cup and saucer will make your favorite blooms look even more fantastic. Dolomite. Plant not included. Teacup: 9¼" x 7½" x 4⅝" high; plate: 9" diameter x 1¼" high. 10016839 Set $29.95 118 B • New! Peacock Inspired Single Sconce Your room will sparkle with gorgeous candlelight when you light a candle inside this stunning wall sconc KBXX[\Y\YۈوH\][\H[H\[HY][X[Y\]X]Y\][\H][[[Y[H^H[Y \ۋ\[\XXYˈ   L0Y L N M MB8(XXXX\[\[\[\[H\ܝ]\ܙ[\XX\[\Hݙ\^Y\\XYH܈[\]ܚ]H[[X]\\˜HY[XX]ۈHX]]Y[Xوܙ[\ܜ[[Y[][ Z[\YX[ˈZ]K[[YY XX\p H8gHY]NHX[Y]\ pY L M ] KM