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THE BEAUTY OF GLASS Art Glass Accents B D C A E Individually hand-crafted for their unique beauty. Items A, B, C, D, E, I, & J may be slightly different from the picture shown. Stunning Blue Art Glass Accents Strut your style sense by placing these artistic art- glass pieces on your table, mantel or shelf. The mixture of various colors create a stunning visual display of beauty that will dazzle day and night. For decorative purposes only. Glass. H • Blue Bottle Hanging Lamp A coil of black metal holds the perfect seat for a tealight candle, surrounded by the most beautiful blue glass bottle. Hang it up from your ceiling or porch roof for country chic glow. Glass and iron. Candle not included. 3" diameter x 11" high; 18" high w ]Z[ L MLH KMBH8(YH\[  𯈈 gY BL N NH NKMBH8(Z[܈]\\]YH][\H]Z[][HH\X]]Y[\8(X\\ˈ   HY LN B MB\]YH[YHHX]]HوH]\HZ[]]XKܙX]܂8(^[YH  𯈈 Y LL N NLB NKMB[\\[܈X[[ \ˈ Ȉ LgHY L M NKMB8(]HXXH   MpHY LL N NBBNKMBH8(]HX\[\X܈\x&\HX\YHX\\H[H۸&][]BXXH\X]]Y[\ۘ[X]\\]H[[Y[Y\]\[[ܙX]HH[\]YHX[܈[\K\ˈ H ȈHY L N  NKMB8(\]XHY\HZ[H[\][H[ܙH\X[H]BY\H[\[\Y[\]X[X\[HYO\\Z[Y[X[\XYH܈H[Hو[\XK[[H[[]\܈]]ۈ[\X] \ۈ[\ˈYH\[XH\]Z\Y [H[YY p 0H0Y L0HY][Hۈ L M LMB8(YH\]\[H[\\XXۈ[[H]YH[[HYH[Hو[\XH[YKH[YYH\و\›]]X[[\ܙX]\HX\YH[XX[H]\YٙH][[Y][]\[YK]\ݙ[H[\ۈ[\X]܈[]HHۈ \ۈ[\ˈ[H[YY H HpHY L MM M MBLL8(]HYH\\\\HH]Hو[H\X]\ݙ\[\X܈H\ܙ[\YH[ܙY[\\\HX]\\H]H\\Yۂ]8&\[Z[\[و[X[]H\[\ܙK][X]X\YۂX]\\H\X[[[ˈ܈Xܘ]]H\\ۛK\˂pH pH MpHY L N L KMB8(]HYH]\H\[^H[\Y\[[H\HۘX[[ۈ\ܙ[\^K\[^HX]\\HX]\Y[\[BYH]\H\YۋH[وH^H\H[\Y[YH[X]\HX\KBܚ\]][\ˈ[\XXH\^H][H܈X܈][\ˈ][X]H][\HٙHX]]Y[]\KQ[\ M L Y L N M NKMB8([YH[HYHZ\܈X\[[ܛ][H\Y]\\[\ݘ[Z\܈]H\و[YH\KH[[YHX]\\BX]\YYH[\]XZ\\[ [[[YZ\܈[][[HBو[\YKQ[Z\܋ M0H pY L ML H KM