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D D • Cape Town Side Table Cozy this stylish side table up to your couch or bed and you’ll enjoy its classic good looks and useful storage features. Two pullout drawers will keep clutter at bay, while the lower display shelf is the perfect showcase for your magazines or books or even a little potted plant. MDF wood. May require additional freight charge. 15¾" x 11⅞" x 27⅛" high. 10015982 $99.95 E E • Gallant Table Lamp This fearless table lamp mixes the rustic texture of hand glazed ceramic with the luxurious sheen of a silken shade. The depth of color in the shapely base is echoed in the vibrant teal shade that will illuminate your room with distinguished style. Ceramic base with fabric shade. UL recognized. 60W bulb not included. 13½" x 7½" x 18¾" high; base: 11½" x 4½" x 8" high; lamp shade: 13½" x 7½" x 9" high; cord: 59" long. 10016025 $79.95 G F • ]HYH[\[Z\܈\x&\H\و[H][ܙX][]\HH\\[\[Z\܈\\[YHYX\و[\Z[[[[\Y[]BYKY][\[H^KXݙB[\X[[ ܂\H][[\\B܈H\ق܋Q[Z\܋ NH NYœYX]HZ\܎L0X[Y]\L N LL KMBܙ[\ۙ\QH TUPB8(XX[\Y\X[H[\\ܙ[\\X[H[\Z\HY[ܜوHXX[XZ\[H[HHYH[H[YH[]H[[Y\[ˈ\ˈ[H[YY 0H 0H Y L MN  MB8(XX[\Y[Z\\[[ܛ\[H\Y[K܂[\Y\[[[Y\[HKXHH[Hو[\XH[YH[]\HXXZ[\YY\\H\Y\YH]X[Y\˂\ˈ[H[YY 0 0 0Y L MN H LMBL